Antiretroviral strategies to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV: striking a balance between efficacy, feasibility, and resistance.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


PLoS medicine, Volume 6, Issue 10, p.e1000169 (2009)


2009, Anti-HIV Agents, Antiretroviral Therapy, Highly Active, Drug Resistance, Viral, Female, HIV Infections, HIV-1, Human Biology Division, Humans, Infectious Disease Transmission, Vertical, Lamivudine, Nevirapine, PREGNANCY, Pregnancy Complications, Infectious, Zidovudine


Dara Lehman and colleagues discuss a randomized trial that found that adding up to a week of twice-daily zidovudine+lamivudine to single-dose nevirapine reduces the risk of resistance in mothers and infants.