Timothy W. Randolph

Appointments and Affiliations

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Public Health Sciences Division
Biostatistics and Biomathematics
Appointed: 2006
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Mailing Address

1100 Fairview Ave. N
Seattle, Washington 98109
United States


Ph.D., University of Oregon, Mathematics, 1990.
M.S., University of Oregon, Mathematics, 1984.
B.S., University of Puget Sound, Mathematics, 1982.

Research Interests

Current research focuses on processing, classification and analysis of high-dimensional and/or functional data output from protein mass spectrometry, genetic assays and a variety of spectroscopies and imaging modalities. Other interests include methods for the analysis of networks used to describe gene and/or protein interactions. Additional experience includes lead statistician on biomarker validation studies within the NIH Early Detection Research Network.

Additional Experience

A career in mathematics began with a focus on functional analysis, spectral theory of operators and Fredholm theory. Teaching experience as an associate professor includes over 20 different course titles in undergraduate and graduate mathematics and advising for undergraduate and graduate students.

My original research evolved into the study of mathematical control theory, including the study of dynamics and stability of infinite-dimensional linear control systems (those described by system of partial differential and delay equations). An NIH career-transition award provided the opportunity to shift from a research emphasis in pure mathematics to the development of methods for analysis, computation and models of biological/biomedical data.


Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Honors and Awards

1998, Dynamics and Control of Nonautonomous Systems, The Missouri Research Board
1994, Spectral Mapping Properties and Stabilization of Control Systems, The Missouri Research Board
1994-1995, Eigenproperties of Damped Dynamic Systems, The Missouri Research Board

Previous Positions

2002-2006, Senior Fellow, University of Washington, Biostatistics
1997, Visiting Associate Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia, Mathematics
1997-2003, Tenured Associate Professor, University of Missouri-Rolla, (Missouri University of Science and Technology)
1991-1996, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-Rolla, Mathematics & Statistics
1984-1985, Instructor, University of the Pacific, Mathematics


  • R21 RR025787 (R. Gardner and T. Randolph, PI): Discovery of substrates of ubiquitin-protein ligases---the development of integrated experimental and computational methods, 2009 to 2011.
  • R01-GM082802, NIGMS, (co-investigator; P. Wang, PI): Statistical Methods for Integrative Analysis of Genomics and Proteomics Data, 2008 to 2013.
  • R01-CA126205, NCI, (T. Randolph, PI): Quantitative Methods for Spectral and Image Data in Proteomics Research, 2007 to 2012.
  • P01-CA053996, NCI (R. Prentice, PI): Statistical Methodologies, 2006 to 2011.
  • K25-GM067211 NIGMS, (T. Randolph, PI): Biomarkers in High-Dimensional Data From Genomics and Proteomics Technologies, 2002 to 2007.


Recent Publications

Jordahl KM, Randolph TW, Song X, Sather CL, Tinker LF, Phipps AI, Kelsey KT, White E, Bhatti P.  2018.  Genome-wide DNA methylation in pre-diagnostic blood and bladder cancer risk in the Women's Health Initiative.. Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention : a publication of the American Association for Cancer Research, cosponsored by the American Society of Preventive Oncology. 27(6):689-695. Abstract

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