Julie McElrath

Appointments and Affiliations

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Senior Vice President and Director, Appointed: 2007
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Clinical Research Division
Infectious Diseases
Member, Appointed: 2001
University of Washington
School of Medicine
Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Professor, Appointed: 2001
University of Washington
Pathobiology, Global Health, and Laboratory Medicine
Adjunct Professor
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Mailing Address

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
1100 Fairview Avenue N.
P.O. Box 19024
Seattle, Washington 98109-1024
United States


Phone: (206) 667-6704
Fax: (206) 667-4411




M.D., Medical University of South Carolina, 1980.
Ph.D., Medical University of South Carolina, 1978.

Research Interests

Protection and Control of HIV-1 Infection by T Cell Immunity.

Our laboratory seeks to identify the components of immunity that are important in preventing and controlling HIV-1 infection. Our goal is to understand how T cell memory is induced both in natural infection and by immunization, and to identify the properties of T cells that confer containment or eradiation of HIV-1.
Our studies encompass a broad range of immunologic investigations in persons who experience unusual control of HIV-1 infection. These include individuals with newly diagnosed infection, those with long-term non-progressive disease who control infection for more than a decade without antiretroviral treatment, and individuals repeatedly exposed but not infected. These clinical cohorts have been assembled for longitudinal studies in both Seattle and in countries where the HIV epidemic is widespread (South Africa, Uganda). Most recent studies focus on African HIV discordant couples, providing a unique opportunity to address host characteristics that lead to altered susceptibility to infection and transmission. In addition, we have targeted studies to gain further understanding of how HIV-1 gains entry into the mucosa and the induction of HIV-specific mucosal immunity.
We also devote extensive efforts to HIV-1 vaccine development. First, we lead a large collaborative project to identify innate immune mechanisms that may enhance adaptive immunological memory to HIV. Further, our laboratory program oversees the evaluation of multiple candidate vaccines in a international vaccine network, which provides basic insights into how different vaccine modalities elicit optimal B- and T-cell immunity to HIV-1 that may be ultimately protective against infection and disease.


American College of Physicians
Association of American Physicians
National Institute of Health AIDS Vaccine Research Subcommittee

Honors and Awards

2008, M. Juliana McElrath, American College of Physicians, Fellowship
2000-2006, M. Juliana McElrath, Burroughs Wellcome, Clinical Scientist Award in Translational Research
1997, M. Juliana McElrath, National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Merit Award


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