Marie Bleakley

Appointments and Affiliations

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Clinical Research Division
Molecular Diagnostics Program
Associate Member
University of Washington
School of Medicine
Department of Pediatrics
Associate Professor
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Mailing Address

P.O. Box 19024
1100 Fairview Avenue N
Seattle, Washington 98109-1024


Phone: (206) 667-6572
Fax: (206) 667-7983


Ph.D., University of Sydney (New South Wales, Australia), 2010.
M.MSC., University of Newcastle (New South Wales, Australia), Clinical Epidemiology, 2000.
M.D., Flinders University of South Australia (Adelaide, South Australia), Medicine and Surgery, 1994.

Research Interests

Dr. Bleakley is a pediatric oncologist and HCT physician with an active research interest in the development of new therapies and transplantation strategies to separate the Graft-Versus-Leukemia Effect (GVL) from Graft-Versus-Host-Disease (GVHD) in order to improve the outcomes of patient with high-risk leukemia. The Bleakley laboratory in the Fred Hutch Clinical Research Division focuses on:
  1. The development and evaluation of strategies to engineer hematopoietic stem cell grafts to prevent GVHD and augment GVL in order to prevent leukemic relapse,
  2. Preclinical development and clinical trials of adoptive T cell immunotherapy to augment GVL and thereby prevent and treat relapse after allogeneic HCT and
  3. Discovery of leukemia-associated minor histocompatibility antigens as targets for future immunotherapy, graft engineering and/or vaccination to manage leukemic relapse after HCT.

The lab has extensive expertise in the isolation, culture, genetic modification, and propagation of antigen-specific T cells, in bioinformatics, genetic and molecular techniques employed for antigen discovery, and in flow cytometry and functional analysis of human T cells for correlative studies of human immunotherapy and HCT clinical trials.

Dr Bleakley is the Sponsor of successful Investigational New Drug applications to the FDA and Principal Investigator of two ongoing and one recently completed clinical trial evaluating depletion of naïve T cells from allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell grafts to prevent GVHD. The research group is also currently completing the development of an adoptive T cell immunotherapy trial involving genetic modification of donor T cells using a lentiviral vector to express a T cell receptor specific for the minor histocompatibility antigen HA-1.


American Society of Hematology
American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation
Program Director, Transplantation for Pediatric Leukemia
FHCRC Immune Monitoring Laboratory Advisory Committee

Previous Positions

2009-2011, Acting Assistant Professor, University of Washington, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics
2007-2011, Associate, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Clinical Research Division
2005-2009, Attending Physician, Seattle Children's Hospital, Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Service
2005-2009, Acting Instructor, University of Washington, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics
2005-2007, Research Associate, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Clinical Research Division
2002-2005, Fellow, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Children's Hospital, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Fellowship

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