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Research Cell Bank (RCB) maintains the Transplant Genomics repository - an inventory of PBMC, B-LCL and DNA from HCT patients, donors and family members. The current inventory consists of PBMC, B-LCL and DNA from more than 7,800 stem cell transplant patients and 7,300 donors, representing more than 7,000 complete donor/recipient pairs.

The Transplant Genomics biorepository  was originally developed in the 1980s as a laboratory resource for the Clinical Immunogenetics Laboratory. At the time, the laboratory was part of the Human Immunogenetics Program at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Since January 2000, Research Cell Bank has partnered with the Clinical Immunogenetics Laboratory of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to transfer residual samples to the repository maintained by RCB. As the research repository has grown, its inventory of cell lines and DNA derived from stem cell transplant patients, donors and selected family members has been made available on a wider basis as a shared resource for FHCRC research investigators and as a back-up clinical sample repository for CIL at the SCCA.

Samples in this inventory have been extensively typed for HLA antigens and alleles during the course of HLA typing and donor identification in the Clinical Immunogenetics Laboratory. The cells and DNA can be retyped as needed for quality control and may be typed for selected STR markers (CODIS assay system) to provide a unique genomic fingerprint of each cell line. Tests for other genomic markers, such as ABO and XY, are implemented as required for unique sample identification and quality control purposes. 

Additionally, around 4000 Patient/Donor pairs from this inventory have been genotyped during Dr. John Hansen's GWAS grants.

Obtaining samples

Currently, samples from the Transplant Genomics biorepository can only be distributed internally to Fred Hutch investigators and consortium members. To request samples, please send a list of either UPNs or HIP numbers to Please include the amount and concentration of DNA required.

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