Media - Tissue Culture and Bacteriological

Contact: Karl Ross, Supervisor
Location: DE-120A
Contact phone: (206) 667-5429
Contact e-mail:

A selection of GIBCO (Invitrogen Life Technologies) tissue culture liquid media is available in the cold room located at DE-120A. Additional items can be ordered directly from GIBCO BRL through the Center's purchasing department at discounted prices.

A variety of bacteriological supplies are available from the cold room located at DE-120A. Additional supplies can be special ordered.

Media and order forms are available in DE-120A.

Tissue Culture Liquid Media
GIBCO (Invitrogen)

500 ml Size

D-MEM Dulbecco's High Glucose w/L-glutamine
Hanks w/o Mag, Cal, Phenol Red
Iscove's w/ L-glutamine
1X D-PBS w/o Mag, Cal
10X D-PBS w/o Mag, Cal
RPMI 1640 w/ L-glutamine
RPMI 1640 + HEPESw/ L-glutamine


100 ml Size

100X L-glutamine (200 mM)
Penicillin-Strep (10,000)
Trypsin - EDTA (0.05%)


500 ml Size

L Broth
LB - Agar


Media Antibiotics Available

Gentamicin (10mg/mL)
Fungizone Antimycotic (20 mL)

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