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Research Cell Bank (RCB) houses cell lines derived from patient surgical samples for the Brain Tumor Resource Laboratory (BTRL).

With continued support from Seattle Children’s Hospital Guilds, the BTRL has expanded services to the generation and sharing of mouse medulloblastoma models that are now used in over 50 labs world-wide and provide the scientific basis for four national clinical trials.

From BTRL website:
“Since 2009, the Olson Laboratory generated over 30 new mouse models that carry [rare and under-studied types of pediatric] brain tumors derived from our patient’s surgical specimens. The same specimens are used to generate patient-derived cell lines that are useful for drug screening and prioritization. About half the patient samples come from Seattle Children’s Hospital and the remainder from Children’s Oncology Group sites across America. Because of the generosity of donors, we are able to share these resources with any academic laboratory around the world that wishes to study pediatric brain tumors. The fee for each mouse model supports ongoing costs of maintaining this program. Please contact us if the fee creates a barrier.”

These resources are generated and maintained by the Olson laboratory and accessible to the international research community through the Research Cell Bank (RCB).

Obtaining samples

Samples from the Brain Tumor Resource Laboratory can be requested through the BTRL website:

For any questions, please contact us at (206) 667-3756 or

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