QA Guidelines

The following should be considered before sending FFQs to NASR for processing. Note that FFQ Error Report provides information on quality considerations after your forms have been processed.

To Assure High-Quality Optical Scanning:

  • Do not fold FFQs.
  • Remove staples, paperclips and all post-it notes.
  • Fill circles in completely with a dark pencil. If completed in pen, cover penned marks in dark pencil.
  • FFQs must not have frayed, torn or curled edges, and should not be water damaged.
  • Do not erase mistakes; instead use thin corrective tape. Contact us with any questions and see below for an example of the tape we recommend. If you are a new user, a sample of the tape will be enclosed with your first FFQ order.
  • Do not use corrective fluid or white out.
  • Make no marks of any kind along the bottom or sides of the form.
  • Labels can be used, but must be 1 inch from any side of the booklet. Labels should be thin with no raised edges. *Please contact us before using labels.*

**To correct errors, obtain the needed information from the participant, correct erasures and/or multiple marks with corrective tape, and send corrected FFQs back to us for rescanning. Sorry, but we do have to charge for rescanning.**

Check Each Form for Completeness and Errors:
Note that FFQs are divided into three sections:

  • Adjustment Questions (e.g. "Did you eat chicken or turkey...How often did you eat the skin?")
  • Food Items (e.g. "How Often Did You Eat the Food...?")
  • Summary Questions (e.g. "How often did you eat a serving of fruit?")

1. Check that there are no blank pages.
2. Check that there are no double marks where only one answer is permitted. If so, cover incorrect response with corrective tape.
3. Check all erasures. If erasures are not complete or if there are smudge marks, use corrective tape.
4. Check that all adjustment questions are answered. (FFQ pages 2 & 3)
5. Check that all summary questions are answered. (FFQ page 10)

Correction Supplies:

  • We highly recommend Dryline regular or refillable Correction Film as an important tool to use for cleaning up your data so that it is complete and accurate, prior to scanning and processing (see products below).
  • Each new project using our FFQs receives a Liquid Paper Correction Film dispenser with the first FFQ order. (In addition, these items may be found in any office supply store.)

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