Veterinary Pre-Reviews of Protocols and Revisions Offered

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Tuesday 08/06/2013

Veterinarians in Comparative Medicine (CM) are available for consulting on animal research and veterinary pre-review of IACUC protocols. Recently, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) have started offering Designated Member Review (DMR) of protocol revisions, in order to reduce the turnaround time. IACUC has made Veterinary Pre-Review a requirement for consideration of a protocol revision for DMR.

CM encourages all researchers to consult with a veterinarian during preparation of you animal research protocol. Veterinarians can assist in selection of appropriate experimental models, developing and describing surgical procedures, anesthesia and analgesia selection as well as general assistance in completing the research procedure related details in the forms.

To arrange for veterinarian pre-review, contact Comparative Medicine at 206-667-4558 or