Upgraded DeltaVision System

Thursday 03/15/2012

We have also acquired a new Applied Precision DeltaVisionElite system to replace the older DeltaVision RT. The DeltaVision Elite uses a new solid state illumination engine instead of a conventional mercury lamp. Without the mercury lamp source, the system is much more suitable for live cell imaging with no risk of exposing the live samples to harmful UV light. Furthermore, the illumination light path has been modified to provide more intense illumination, resulting in an up to tenfold increase in brightness and dramatically reduced exposure times.

The DeltaVision Elite system allows for faster switching between excitation wavelengths and provides greater illumination intensities for red and far red dyes. The system is fitted with an environmental chamber for extended time-lapse imaging under controlled temperature conditions Finally, the system includes several filter sets optimized for various combinations of dyes and fluorescent proteins, making it a very fast, sensitive, and versatile imaging tool.