Synergy™ H4 multi-mode plate reader - New instrument in the Immune Monitoring Lab

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Friday 06/03/2011

In response to requests from Center investigators, we have acquired and installed an advanced multi-mode plate reader – the Synergy™ H4 multi-mode hybrid reader from BioTek.

Synergy H4 is a multi-mode plate reader combining filter-based optics and monochromator-based optics. The monochromator optics provides a high level of flexibility allowing direct dealing of any wavelength from the low UV to the near infrared. The filter-based optics use dichroic mirrors for enhanced performance. This system is faster and more sensitive than the monochromator optics. The reading modes include UV-Visible Absorbance, fluorescence polarization, time resolved fluorescence and AlphaScreen/AlphaLISA. For more information please visit the product website.

The instrument is located in DE-550. Please contact the staff at the IML lab for usage related issue at 206-667-6455 or 206-667-1891.

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Rajesh K. Uthamanthil, DVM, PhD, DACLAM

Associate Vice President, Shared Resources