Streamlining the Hybridoma Process

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Friday 09/21/2012

The BTX electrofuser is being integrated with a recently purchased Molecular Devices ClonePix instrument to improve our hybridoma production.

The electrofusion process typically yields 5-10 times the number of viable hybridomas over classical PEG fusion methods, while the ClonePix device will enable the lab to efficiently screen and isolate several hundred positive clones.  Growing the hybridoma cells in semi-solid methylcellulose-based media facilitates automated ClonePix selection of antibody positive colonies to various target proteins. 

The new process circumvents traditional primary ELISA screens and subcloning stages, saving valuable time and consumables.  The addition of this state of the art technology will allow us to provide a more efficient and economical service to investigators.

For more information on custom antibody projects please contact the Antibody Development core facility manager.