Specimen Processing Lab Services

Thursday 06/02/2011

The Specimen Processing Lab handles numerous samples for clinical trials and epidemiologic studies.  Samples processed include blood (PBMC’s, serum, plasma), bone marrow, urine, saliva and buccal cells. 

Services provided:

• Aliquoting serum , plasma, whole blood, RBC, urine, body fluids
• Processing of buffy coats, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) by density gradient isolations
• Viability counts
DNA extraction – Qiagen Kit, Gentra/5Prime, Oragene (saliva)
• DNA quantification
• DNA Aliquoting
• Consultation in the preparation of study protocols and proper handling of study specimens

We now support a PK Blood Processing Lab (blood that requires processing within 30 minutes).  Location:  SCCA Building, 7th Floor, G7-308.

For questions or to request services, please contact Jon Digel, 667-4434.