Slide Imaging and Analysis (Digital Pathology)

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Saturday 08/01/2009

Scientific Imaging is now offering semi-automated imaging of histochemical and/or immunofluorescent slides, along with quantitative image analysis (scoring). This service complements the tissue sectioning and staining service provided by the Experimental Histopathology shared resource. Scientific Imaging will image and digitize microscopy slides stained with conventional histochemical stains, and/or immunofluorescence. Imaging is standardized for image quality and reproducibility. With this system, whole tissue sections can be imaged at high resolution. Tissue Micro-Array slides (TMAs) can also be scanned and provided as a web photo gallery.

The resource will also provide quantitative analysis of whole slides or of specific regions selected by the researchers. This service follows the current trend in the field, and is designed to improve throughput and quantitative accuracy by standardizing the imaging and analysis process.

Instrumentation usage can be scheduled online for Center customers only; follow the Scheduler link on the shared resource website. 

Researchers interested in this service are strongly encouraged to contact the Resource for further details (206-667-4205 or