Simplified Mammalian Protein Expression Available

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Tuesday 08/06/2013

Antibody Development is partnering with the Strong Lab to bring simplified mammalian protein expression to Fred Hutchinson.

The Core now offers a lentiviral based protein expression service for expression and purification of recombinant proteins and antibodies.  The Daedalus platform, developed and currently operating in the Strong lab, offers an extremely robust and cost efficient method for obtaining high-yield, biologically active proteins from stable transfected cell lines.  To date the platform has produced over 50 recombinant proteins and antibodies currently used by  Center investigators.

The resource is also planning to use the platform for producing high quality antigens for use in immunizations and screening of monoclonal antibodies.  If you are interested in starting a project, contact Colin Correnti to begin engineering your constructs and Antibody Development Manager for pricing information.

Antibody Development Manager
Colin Correnti