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Tuesday 06/01/2010

Looking for a better way to prepare your samples to obtain the best morphology or immunolabeling?  High pressure freezing is a method of specimen preparation that freezes non-cryoprotected samples up to 0.2mm in thickness.  Get the latest and greatest information on this subject by coming by the EM Resource to request a copy of our new high pressure freezing/automatic freeze substitution manual. 

The Electron Microscopy Resource has been working closely with Dr. Marc VanGilst and Laboratory using high pressure freezing methods to look at 1) autophagosomes and phagocytosis in the C. elegans germline after extended periods of starvation and 2) Characterize the structure and function of abnormally large fat droplets in fed and starved animals.  To view high pressure freezing and other images from the EM Resource go to the gallery.

Looking for answers to questions on preparation of cells and tissue for electron microscopy?  Take a look at the EM LibGuide and read the Electron microscopy procedures manual.

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