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Sunday 09/23/2012

High-Throughput Equipment News

Genomics recently added new filters to our Perkin Elmer EnVisionmulti-plate reader that will allow for homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence (HTRF) detection.  In addition to standard fluorescence detection, the system is also configured to perform assays using Perkin Elmer’s AlphaScreen technology.  The system has a 50 plate stacker carousel for walk-away operation.  Also, we now offer  automated liquid-handling servicesin 96, 384, or 1536-well formats.  Please contact Jenni Risler (jrisler@fhcrc.org) to learn more about our equipment and liquid-handling capabilities.

shRNA Resources

We now house over 140,000 human and 65,000 mouse GIPZ lentiviral shRNA clones that are available for distribution for a small fee ($15/ea) to FHCRC investigators. 

Our searchable clone inventory is accessible – along with an option to purchase - through our online shRNA Storefront:  http://monod.fhcrc.org/rnai/

siRNA/Compound Screening Services

We provide high-throughput screening support and services for FHCRC investigators.  The following siRNA and chemical compound libraries are available:


  • Qiagen Human Transcription Factor siRNA Library (2254 genes)
  • Qiagen Human Druggable Genome siRNA Library (6961 genes)
  • Ambion Silencer Select Human Kinase siRNA Library (710 genes)
  • Qiagen Mouse Transcription Factor siRNA Library (1675 genes)
  • Qiagen Mouse Druggable Genome siRNA Library (8353 genes)


  • MicroSource Spectrum Drug Library (2000 compounds)
  • ChemDiv Targeted Diversity Drug Library (50000 compounds)

Those interested in initiating a screening project through Genomics are encouraged to contact Jenni Risler (jrisler@fhcrc.org) or Jeff Delrow (jdelrow@fhcrc.org).