Research Freezers and Sample Storage

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Monday 12/15/2014

Did you know there are more than 800 research related freezers on campus?  Freezers are critical equipment needed to store and preserve valuable research samples, sometimes for decades. The expense for supporting these freezers, including lab space, utility costs for operating freezers and cooling the buildings, as well as Facilities Engineering’s involvement in preventive maintenance, alarm systems and building infrastructure is significant.

To better support this important resource and to provide the needed space and power to meet future demand, a new program has been established to provide best practices recommendations, maintain emergency contact information and approve requests to use the Fairview Freezer facility.  Shared Resources will manage the administrative tasks for the Freezer Management Program by communicating policies, assisting with emergency management preparation, reviewing applications and coordinating access requests for freezer space in Fairview.  Facilities Engineering will continue to maintain the Fairview facility and provide preventive maintenance, repairs and installation assistance as well as responding to freezer alarms.   

The Research Freezers and Sample Storage web site serves as a source of information about  the purchase and maintainence of freezers, about alternative storage options, as well as provide a place to access forms for freezer space applications and for updating emergency contact information. Questions regarding administrative functions should be directed to Shared Resources via email at or by calling x7520.  For repairs and installation of freezers, please continue to coordinate with Facilities Engineering by calling x4245.