NextGen Sequencing

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Monday 06/13/2011

NextGen sequencing by lane is now available on our Illumina HiSeq 2000.  Researchers can register for 1 or more lanes of SR50, SR100, or PE50 sequencing runs.  Sequencing will proceed when all 8 lanes of a flow cell are reserved. 

For more information and details on how to reserve sequencing lanes, please visit  or contact the Genomics Resource (see below).

NextGen sequencing library prep and QC services are now available. 

Services include:

  • RNA/DNA QC, Covaris fragmentation* (when applicable),
  • library preparation using standard Illumina TruSeq kits,
  • additional QC (Agilent Bioanalyzer*),
  • and final template concentration estimation and QC using Agilent’s qPCR NGS Concentration Quantification kit*. 

* Services are available separately for a fee.

For details please contact the Genomics Resource:
Andy Marty (email:; ph: 206-667-1393)
Jeff Delrow (email:;  ph: 206-667-2763)