New SEM in Electron Microscopy

Tuesday 08/06/2013

The Electron Microscopy Resource is pleased to announce the arrival of the new JEOL 6610LV scanning electron microscope (SEM).  We received the microscope in January 2013.  This microscope is a high-performance SEM for fast characterization and imaging of fine structures on both small and large samples.  It is equipped with a large specimen chamber and automated specimen stage.  The microscope can be operated in low vacuum mode for observation of non-conductive specimens.  A highly sensitive backscattered detector and low vacuum secondary detector are used for observation of these non-conductive specimens.  It offers a magnification range from 5X to 300,000X and has a resolution of 3.0nm at 30KV in the high vacuum mode.  This instrument is located in the Thomas Building on the E level in room DE-780.

More information on the JEOL 6610LV can be found on the JEOL website.