New! Light Microscopy and Digital Imaging Course

Tuesday 10/25/2011

Scientific Imaging is offering a new course on light microscopy and digital imaging. Introduction to Light Microscopy and Digital Imaging will be given in seven two-hour blocks on the first Tuesday of the month in Di-080 (Sze West) from 11:30-1:30 except where noted below.

Each session will be self-contained and devoted to select topics (60-80 minutes), followed by a free Q&A and discussion session. A minimum of six attendees is required. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Registration is kindly requested. To register, send an email to, with  the subject line: "register to microscopy class", and include your name and email address.

Below is the schedule of topics:

Tuesday 12/6/11                    
Introduction to digital images and image analysis software. Light and color. Imaging devices.

Tuesday 1/10/12 Note: Special time 10:30 AM-12:30 PM                    
Principles and applications of fluorescence. Gel and blot imaging: instrumentation and quantitative analysis

Tuesday 2/7/12                      
Introduction to light microscopy: resolution, contrast, instrumentation and imaging modes

Tuesday 3/6/12                      
Introduction to image analysis techniques and software

Tuesday 4/3/12                      
Advanced topics: 3-D imaging: confocal microscopy and deconvolution; Live cell imaging

Tuesday 5/1/12                      
Advanced microscopy techniques: TIRF, Superresolution, Multiphoton

Tuesday  6/5/12                     
Advanced techniques: Digital Pathology; High Content Analysis

Course program may be subject to change. For any questions related to this course, please contact Julio Vazquez (