New Faces and Equipment in Experimental Histopathology

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Sunday 09/23/2012

We welcome several new technicians who joined the lab during the last year.

Danielle Welch started in the lab as a part-time volunteer and joined the lab full time last fall. She decided to explore the field after completing her BA in Biology from Claremont McKenna College. Danielle is currently cross training in immunohistochemistry.

Marcia Beers joined the lab in December after completing her AAT as a Medical Histology Technician from Clover Park Technical College. Marcia currently works on the histology side of the lab and has excelled at frozen tissue sectioning.

Jones Son is the latest addition to the lab. He recently became a board certified HT (ASAP) and will work on the histology side of the lab.

Aperio Digital Pathology technology is here!

Aperio ScanScope FL for fluorescence and XT for brightfield allows us to automatically digitally scan 150 brightfield slides at a time.  This technology is far superior to any other digital pathology system in regard to speed, quality of image, and ease of use.  It offers exciting opportunities for recording results, viewing images remotely, and applying quantitative morphology or IHC algorithms. 

Please contact Julie Randolph-Habecker at jhabecke@fhcrc.orgor 206-667-6119 if you are interested in learning more about this technology and how it might work with your research.