New Equipment Acquisition: Leica VT1200 S Fully Automated Vibrating Blade Microtome

Thursday 03/15/2012

Electron Microscopy has acquired a Leica VT1200 S fully-automated Vibratome. The microtome uses a vibrating razor blade to cut sections from 1-999 microns under physiological conditions without freezing or embedding, and thus ultrastructure is well preserved.

The Vibratome can section fixed or fresh tissue while maintaining cell morphology, enzyme activity, and cell activity. The microtome is useful for immunocytochemistry and histoenzymology. Vibratome tissue sections can also be trimmed down and used for high pressure freezing experiments.

The instrument is located in the Thomas Building on the E level in room DE-780.  If you would like to schedule time on the Vibratome, please contact the facility manager Bobbie Schneider (; x.4289).