Microarray Technology Services

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Sunday 09/23/2012

There have also been some changes in microarray-based services due to product discontinuation and low demand.

Roche/NimbleGenhas announced that it will discontinue their microarray product line in December 2012. 

We will continue to provide support for this platform throughout the phase-out.  Please contact Jeff Delrow (jdelrow@fhcrc.org) to discuss any concerns or to identify alternative options.

Due to competition from cheaper microarray platforms, we have phased out the Affymetrix GeneChipservices.  For those with ongoing Affymetrix technology needs, we have identified a local service lab that can provide support. 

For more information (or to discuss possible alternative microarray platforms or technologies), please contact Jeff Delrow (jdelrow@fhcrc.org).

In general, microarray-based activity in the Genomics Resources remains high, with a  full range of services supporting Illumina BeadChip and Agilent Technologyplatforms. 

Assays are available for expression analysis and CpG methylation profiling, as well as for whole-genome and    custom genotyping. 

Please contact Genomics (genomics@fhcrc.org) for more details.