Major Upgrade of Orbitrap Instrumentation

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Thursday 03/15/2012

The OrbiTrap Elite mass spectrometer became operational in November 2011. This instrument offers the following advancements over the facility’s existing “classic” OrbiTrap instrumentation.

It scans at a speed four times faster than the “classic” and achieves mass resolutions of 240,000. A complementarity of techniques allows for enhanced peptide fragmentation for identification purposes and the characterization of post-translational modifications, especially labile modifications such as phosphorylation and glycosylation. As an additional benefit, iTRAQ and TMT quantification approaches are now possible on the OrbiTrap.

Initial tests of the instrument have shown a 60% to 120% increase in both peptide and protein identifications from highly fractionated serum samples. To check out the new OrbiTrap Elite or to find out if the instrument would benefit your research, please contact Proteomics (; x.1051).