Live Confocal Microscopy and Cell Ablation

Saturday 08/01/2009

Scientific Imaging recently purchased a Nikon Live Cell imaging station for long term studies on live cells and organisms. The system is equipped with the Prairie technologies Swept Field confocal module (Nikon Live Scan module) for fast confocal imaging of live samples. The system is similar in functionality to the better known spinning disk system, but offers greater versatility. It is equipped with five lasers for imaging of most fluorescent proteins and other common fluorescent dyes. The system is also equipped with a piezo stage for fast focusing, and an environmental chamber to provide controlled temperature and CO2 for live cell studies. The Nikon microscope can also be used as a conventional brightfield and fluorescence microscope for the acquisition of multi-dimensional data (z-stacks over time), including deconvolution.

The Nikon Live Cell station is also fitted with a Micro-Point laser module from Photonic Instruments. This high power laser controlled directly through the Nikon software can be used to deliver high intensity pulses of light to specific regions of the sample, and is ideal for cell ablation and wounding experiments, as well as for precise photobleaching or photoactivation (uncaging) of fluorescent dyes.

Instrumentation usage can be scheduled online for Center customers only; follow the Scheduler link on the shared resource website. 

Researchers interested in this service are strongly encouraged to contact the Resource for further details (206-667-4205 or