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Thursday 05/02/2019

The Library’s Scholarly Communications team, in partnership with the BI team within Center IT, is pleased to roll out the first iteration of our publications dashboard within Tableau. This first release is intended to replace our existing regularly emailed reports, including the weekly summary and division reports. Shifting to an on on-demand dashboard allows you to build customizable views of newly discovered publications that best meet your needs.

To access the dashboard, please use these steps (let us know at if you have any issues logging in):

  1. (on campus or VPN)
  2. Log in with Fred Hutch credentials

Some notes about the dashboard:

  • You do not need to have Tableau desktop installed to access the dashboard.
  • The Overview and Training Image (also attached) provides an introduction to using the dashboard including filters, views and subscriptions. Please reach out for assistance setting up custom views to meet your needs.
  • At this time, the dashboard offers limited download options. We are working with the BI team on the best mechanisms for exporting the full underlying data, but this is on our roadmap. If you need data exported in an Excel format, please contact the Scholarly Communications team at and we would be happy to assist you.
  • The dashboard currently encompasses only Fred Hutch papers though we expect to eventually include non-FH IRC, Consortium and STTR-authored publications.
  • For the initial iteration, we have limited the timeframe for publications to FY18 and FY19 but expect to expand the dataset over time.
  • The additional views (IRC metrics and report, author and publication demographics) are prototypes and offer a sample of the additional capabilities the move to Tableau provides.

The dashboard is a collaborative effort, not only between the Library and the BI Team but also our customers and we welcome any feedback that you may have. Comments, questions or concerns regarding the dashboard, including any observations regarding the data contained, or missing or incorrect data, are welcome and encouraged - your feedback will help us refine and improve the tool. Feel free to forward this announcement to your Fred Hutch colleagues (a HutchNetID is required to access the dashboard).