Lab Move and New Freezer in Specimen Processing

Tuesday 09/25/2012

Pharmacokinetic Blood Processing Lab Moves

The Pharmacokinetic Blood Processing Lab, now located within the SCCA G7-304 specializes in processing blood within 30 minutes for clinical trial drug dosing studies.           

BioSpecimen Repository

The Biospecimen Repository provides an alternative for liquid nitrogen storage requirements for both small and large scale storage needs. The state of the art repository is located with controlled space within the Fairview Freezer Facility. The repository was designed to promote the safe handling, receipt, processing, and storage of biological specimens.

New -80 Freezer

The Specimen Processing Lab has purchased a -80 degree freezer repository for short or long term sample storage that will be online in September.

For more information, please contact Jon Digel at jdigel@fhcrc.orgor 667-4434.