Immune Monitoring and Scientific Imaging Begin Using iLab

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Tuesday 03/25/2014

Shared Resources Administration is now using iLab’s Core Facility Management software for Immune Monitoring and Scientific Imaging. This system allows researchers and Shared Resource staff to manage service requests, equipment reservations, usage tracking and billing – all online.(Proteomics, Electron Microscopy, Flow Cytometry and Experimental Histopathology are also using iLab).

iLab integrates with the Center’s PeopleSoft Finance Management System and Active Directory. First-time internal users log in with their HutchNet ID and select the principal investigator’s laboratory with which they are affiliated. The principal investigator’s research coordinator then gets an email with the request and approves the employee as a lab member. After approval, staff is granted access to order services. See Doing Business with Shared Resources for more information about using iLab.

Resources that will not be using iLab will continue to process service requests, instrument scheduling and billing as usual.

Shared Resources will communicate process and procedure changes via email, our website and Brown Bag sessions in addition to ongoing support to researchers and core facilities. Individual training sessions for research groups are also available upon request.

Questions or concerns can be directed to