High Content Screening (Plate screening)

Saturday 08/01/2009

Scientific Imaging has purchased a Cellomics ArrayScan VTi High Content reader. The system can perform automated imaging and analysis of fluorescent samples in multi-well plate format (96-well and 384-well). The system is equipped with a robot for automated loading and screening of up to 45 plates. Cellomics software can extract a wealth of quantitative data from the acquired images in real time. The system is ideal for image-based end-point screens, and is also equipped with an environmental chamber for kinetic assays on live cell samples.

Instrumentation usage can be scheduled online for Center customers only; follow the Scheduler link on the shared resource website. 

Researchers interested in this service are strongly encouraged to contact the Resource for further details (206-667-4205 or imaging@fhcrc.org)