Genomics Offering New Sequencing Services

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Thursday 03/15/2012

NextGen Pyrosequencing

Genomics is now offering NextGen sequencing services on the Roche/454 Junior pyrosequencing platform. Boasting an average read length of 400 bases and generates 50,000 to 80,000 high-quality reads per run, this platform is especially well-suited for those interested in de novo sequencing of pathogen genomes as well as amplicon resequencing application, including an assay designed for HLA genotyping.

Targeted Pyrosequencing

Genomics now offers the Qiagen PyroMark pyrosequencing technology based on sequencing-by-synthesisfor real-time, sequence-based detection of SNPs and genetic mutations, insertions/deletions, and allele frequencies. Targeting user-defined 40-60 base regions it provides a quantitative output that can be used to measure the level of methylation at specific CpG sites in the genome as well as assay for allele frequencies, ploidy levels, multi-copy genes, and mixed genotypes in heterogeneous samples (e.g., tumor and normal cells).

To learn more, please visit the Qiagen website: PyroMark Q24, PyroMark Q96.

CE Sequencing

 A “full-service” option for CE sequencing is now available. Researchers simply combine template and primer into a single tube and submit to the Genetic Analysis Lab (DE-320). Please see or contact Elizabeth Jensen (; x.4470).