Fundamentals of Immunohistochemistry Course Begins October 30th

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Tuesday 10/16/2012

Shared Resources presents - Fundamentals of Immunohistochemistry

This course is recommended for Center staff that use or plan to use immunohistochemistry data for their research. Attendees will gain a basic knowledge of the principles of the technique as well as information that is critical for the interpretation of immunohistochemistry data.


The first two days of the course will include details about antigens, antibodies, sample preparation, and basic immunohistochemistry including antibody titer, staining strategies, detection systems, antigen retrieval, and appropriate controls. Finally, we will discuss strategies for troubleshooting.


The third day of the course is a wet lab where participants will receive hands-on experience staining tissue samples.

Instructor: Julie Randolph-Habecker, Ph.D.
Sponsored by: Experimental Histopathology
Dates: Tuesday, October 30 to Thursday, November 1, 2012
Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm daily

Space is limited. Anyone interested in taking the course should register with Julie Randolph-Habecker by e-mail at