Education and Interns Hosted by Specimen Processing

Tuesday 08/06/2013

‚ÄčThe Specimen Processing Lab is proud to announce that we are participating in the Washington Alliance for Better Schools (WABS) Teacher Externship Program. A local science teacher will spend two weeks observing and working with the Lab. These teachers are excited to share their hands on lab experience, assisting in the education of their students. If you would like to share your lab experience with a teacher, please contact Jon Digel at 206-667-4434 or

‚ÄčThe Lab also provides internships to students from the Bates Technical College Biotechnology Program. We participate in this program with students who are in the final stages of the Biotechnology program.  These students are available for 10 weeks; they can volunteer or receive intern pay. If you would like help in your lab and meet bright students, please contact Jon Digel at 206-667-4434 or