DNA Extraction and Quantification

Saturday 08/01/2009

The Specimen Processing Laboratory has been extracting DNA since 1993. Over the last 16 years we have implemented various extraction techniques. We have discarded the techniques that were inferior and have modified the ones that yield the best quantity and quality. The DNA extracted by the processing staff has proven to work with well with the latest array techniques.

DNA extractions offered by Specimen Processing Lab;

  • Qiagen (5-Prime) Salt out extraction used to purify genomic DNA
  • Dirty and clean buffy coats
  • Qiagen kit a spin column method for genomic DNA
  • Blood, body fluids, buccal and stool
  • Oragene kit
  • Buccal (salvia)
  • Phenol-Chloroform
  • Dirty and clean buffy coats

DNA quantification;

  • Picco-green, Gemini Fluorometer using Quant-IT (Invitrogen)
  • Spectrophotometer A260/A280 and A320 wave lengths
  • Gel electrophoresis if requested.

DNA aliquoting

  • Concentration adjustmen
  • Aliquoting, manually or automated (Tecan)
  • Plating of DNA

Please contact Jon Digel (jdigel@fhcrc.org; 206-667-4434) for more information on extraction services.