Comparative Medicine Rate Changes

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Tuesday 08/06/2013

Effective July 14th, Comparative Medicine has changed the pricing structure for rodents to a per cage basis. This change comes after careful analysis of direct costs and operational efficiency in preparation for a projected increase in the rodent populations at the Center.  Previous charges were all based per animal but in reality for rodent populations the costs are more accurately reflected on a per cage basis.

This change will help with space management, save labor, and the new rates will help to absorb labor and supply costs that have increased substantially over the last decade while the rates have remained the same.  Comparative Medicine will have directions available for census sheets in all housing rooms on July 14th to help ease this transition. Visit the Comparative Medicine website for a list of the new rates and FAQ. If you have additional questions, you may contact Amber Carte at 206-667-4184 or