Center Contributors to New Publication “Comparative Anatomy and Histology: A Mouse and Human Atlas”

Tuesday 06/05/2012

Dr. Sue Knoblaugh, Shared Resources comparative pathologist, and Dr. Julie Randolph-Habecker, director of Experimental Histopathology, contributed to the new histology atlas “Comparative Anatomy and Histology: A Mouse and Human Atlas.” The publication offers a side-by side comparison of normal mouse and human tissues.

The atlas is a new tool to teach and expand understanding of comparative anatomy and histology while considering the unique biology of the mouse. The book provides a basic understanding of normal histology so mouse models of human diseases can be properly evaluated and unique phenotypes recognized. The book aims to also build clear communication between users of mouse models: investigators, veterinary pathologists, and medical pathologists. Find “Comparative Anatomy and Histology: A Mouse and Human Atlas” in the Arnold Library.

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Mouse Resource LibGuide

A detailed guide to mouse pathology is available on Knoblaugh and Randolph-Habecker’s LibGuide, highlighting books, websites, and videos on mouse anatomy, development, pathology, phenotyping, and genetics. See

Please contact Sue Knoblaugh (; x.6845); Julie Randolph-Habecker (; x. 6845); or the Arnold Library (; x.4314).