Atomic Force Microscopy

Friday 06/03/2011

The Electron Microscopy Resource is pleased to announce our new instrument, the Agilent 5500 Atomic Force Microscope.   This microscope has a resolution of 2 angstroms and can resolve features as small as an atomic lattice, for either conductive or non-conductive samples.  The AFM provides high resolution and three-dimensional information.  With this technique it is possible to image in-situ, in fluid, under controlled temperature and in other environments.  The different imaging modes include:  Mac, Contact, and Acoustic AC Mode, phase imaging and force modulation.

The AFM was purchased for Dr. Steve Henikoff by HHMI and he graciously has housed it in the Electron Microscopy Resource in room DE-788 for investigators use.  Dr. Henikoff’s group will be using the AFM initially to profile RNA polymerase II ChIP material from low salt soluble Drosophila S2 cell chromatin and do recognition imaging with various antibodies to characterize Pol II.

Look for our upcoming AFM workshop in June with Agilent Technologies and Dr. Stewart Lindsey.   We will keep you posted on upcoming details.