Aperio Digital Pathology Technology Coming This Spring

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Thursday 03/15/2012

This spring, the Aperio ScanScope FL for fluorescence and the Aperio ScanScope XT for brightfield will be operational. The ScanScope FL will allow users to scan their fluorescent slides during work hours and after hours. The ScanScope XT will allow Experimental Histopathology to automatically digitally scan 150 brightfield slides at a time.

Whole slide digital images can be produced from glass slides at resolutions of 20x, 40x, and 100x and then assembled without creating image artifacts or seams. The digitized slides produce “microscopic” quality images that can be reviewed at a computer desktop, sent to a collaborator and viewed with a free viewer, annotated, stored, and plugged into several data analysis software programs.

The new technology offers exciting opportunities in pathology for recording results, viewing images remotely, and applying quantitative morphology or IHC algorithms. Available analysis tools include area quantification, colocalization, nuclear quantification, membrane quantification, microvessel detection and classification, rare event detection, tissue microarray analysis, and Genie software, a trainable histology pattern recognition system.

Aperio Digital Pathology is the far superior technology in regard to speed, quality of image, and ease of use. It has become the gold standard for digital pathology and is used at the Allen Brain Center, Amgen, and many other research centers.

Look for notification in April about this exciting new technology. To learn more about the Aperio system and how it might work with your research, please contact Julie Randolph-Habecker (jhabecke@fhcrc.org; x.6119).