Lexi-Interact Online

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Lexi-Comp's Comprehensive Drug-to-Drug, Drug-to-Herb and Herb-to-Herb Interaction Analysis Program

Lexi-Interact is part of the UptoDate suite of online tools.

Publisher Note:
"Lexi-Interact does not address chemical compatibility related to I.V. drug preparation or administration.  Lexi-Interact Online combines the world's literature and scientific understanding of drug interactions with a state-of-the-art electronic platform, providing an efficient way to ensure that adverse drug events don't compromise the care of your patients.  Review all interactions for a selected medication or enter a patient specific regimen to analyze for potential interactions. Additionally, you may select a drug interaction result to obtain detailed information on Patient Management, Interacting Members, Risk Rating, References and more."

Link to Resource: Lexi-Interact Online

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