Vectra 3.0 Imaging Platform

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Vectra 3.0 Imaging PlatformThe Vectra 3.0 Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging Platform (Perkin Elmer) accurately detects and measures weakly expressing and overlapping IF-labeled biomarkers within a single intact FFPE tissue section or TMA.  When using immunofluorescence, multiple proteins can be measured on a per tissue, per cell, or per cell compartment (e.g. nuclear, cytoplasmic). 

Users can navigate around slides and identify areas of interest for high-resolution multispectral acquisition using Phenochart software.  The system features automated slide handling and quantitative data acquisition for up to 200 slides within a single batch run. It accurately measures protein and biomarker expression and morphometric characteristics in intact tissue sections for translational studies.

The workflow requires collaboration between the Experimental Histopathology (EH) Digital Staff and the Investigator.

1. EH acquires the low-resolution whole slide scan (WSS) of the tissue.

2. The Investigator uses Phenochart™ software to define the regions of interest by “stamping” the whole slide scan with boxes dictating where the 20x (0.5 micron/pixel) or 40x multi-spectral images (MSI’s) will be acquired.

3. EH acquires the MSI’s.

4. The Investigator uses inForm® software to spectrally unmix and export the MSI’s.

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