TSQ Vantage Mass Spectrometer

Location: Thomas Building, DE-352
Contact phone: (206) 667-1051
(206) 667-2872
Contact e-mail: proteomics@fredhutch.org

TSQ Vantage mass spectrometerThe ThermoElectron TSQ Vantage is a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. Compared to other triple quadrupole instruments, the TSQ is unique in its design as it contains hyperbolic quadrupole rods for higher ion transmission and it also contains an S-lens for more thorough desolvation of ions resulting in increased signal. This instrument has an electrospray ionization source and it is capable of scan functions, such as Selective Ion Monitoring (SIM), Selective/Multiple Reaction Monitoring (S/MRM), and precursor ion scanning, which are not available on the resource’s hybrid ion trap instruments. This instrument is coupled to an Eksigent nano2D HPLC for performing LC-MS at flowrates ranging from 50 nanoliter/minute to 50 microliter/minute.

Recommended Uses: The primary use of this instrument is for qualitative and quantitative analysis of targeted peptides from complex mixtures and for quantifying small molecules.