Speedvac Concentrator

Location: Eastlake Building, E1-305
Contact phone: (206) 667-6837
Contact fax: (206) 667-5590
Contact e-mail: lnolan@fredhutch.org

Everything you need to quickly dry and concentrate small sample volumes.

  • Consistent performance: designed to ensure consistent drying times and reproducible results.
  • Simplicity: a single program supports all DNA/RNA applications.
  • User-friendly interface: temperature and time settings.
  • Three drying rates: ambient, 43oC, 65oC
  • Dual digital timers: independent control of heat/run times

SpeedvacThis equipment is available free for use by anyone at the Hutch. If you would like to use this equipment, please call Lorna Nolan at 667-6837 or email lnolan@fredhutch.org.

More information is available from the vendor's web site.


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