OrbiTrap Fusion Mass Spectrometer

Location: Thomas Building, DE-352
Contact phone: (206) 667-1051
(206) 667-2872
Contact e-mail: proteomics@fredhutch.org

The ThermoScientific OrbiTrap Fusion combines quadrupole, OrbiTrap, and ion trap mass analyzers into a single instrument that provides the ultimate in data acquisition flexibility and utility.  The OrbiTrap analyzer can obtain data at resolutions ranging from 15,000 to 450,000 (at m/z 200) with mass accuracy of <1 ppm.  The unique design along with unique data acquisition strategies allows the Fusion to acquire data at an amazing 20 Hz with the ion trap and 15 Hz with the OrbiTrap. 

A unique feature of Fusion is synchronous precursor selection (SPS) for selecting MS2 precursors for MS3 analysis.  This feature decreases the effects of precursor co-isolation during MS1 to increase quantification accuracy for TMT and iTRAQ experiments.  The Fusion is equipped with collision induced dissociation (CID), higher energy collision induced dissociation (HCD), and electron transfer dissociation (ETD).  An Easy-nLC 1000 uHPLC is coupled to the Fusion to provide LC-MS at flowrates of 200 nL/min to 800 nL/min and at either conventional or ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography conditions.

Recommended Uses: This system is used for protein identification and quantification (SILAC, TMT, iTRAQ) of samples with very high complexity (lysates) and for protein modification characterization (phosphoproteomics).  

The OrbiTrap Fusion was funded in part by a generous grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust.