Orbitrap Elite Mass Spectrometers

Location: Thomas Building, DE-352
Contact phone: (206) 667-1051
(206) 667-2872
Contact e-mail: proteomics@fredhutch.org

Orbitrap Elite Mass SpectrometerThe Proteomics facility utilizes two ThermoScientific OrbiTrap Elite mass spectrometers.  The Elite has a four times faster scan speed than the OrbiTrap “classic” recording eight tandem mass spectra per second and achieving mass resolutions of 240,000 (at m/z 400), making it ideal for analyzing high complexity proteomics samples.

The Elite is also equipped with both High energy C-trap Dissociation (HCD) and Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) which provide peptide fragmentation techniques that complement the typical Collision Induced Dissociation (CID).  The complementarity of these techniques has the potential to enhance peptide fragmentation for identification purposes and the characterization of post-translational modifications, especially labile modifications such as phosphorylation and glycosylation.  Additionally, HCD is used for iTRAQ and TMT quantification approaches in an LC MS form. The Elite is coupled to a ThermoScientific Easy-nLC II for split-less chromatography with typical flowrates between 300 to 600 nL/min.

Recommended Uses: This system is used for protein identification and quantification (SILAC, TMT, iTRAQ) of samples with medium (affinity purifications) to high complexity (fractionated lysates) and for protein modification characterization using peptide mapping.   Additionally, it can be used for high resolution and high mass accuracy measurements of proteins.