OrbiTrap Classic Mass Spectrometer

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Orbi-Trap Classic mass spectrometer

ThermoElectron’s LTQ ion trap and OrbiTrap mass spectrometers are combined into a single hybrid instrument. The characteristics of the OrbiTrap are similar to those of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance mass analyzers, and this system can achieve mass resolutions of 60,000, mass accuracies less than 2 parts per million, and limits of detection for peptides under 10 femtomoles.

This instrument uses an electrospray ionization (ESI) source and it is coupled to an Eksigent nano2D HPLC to perform LC-MS at a flowrate of 500 nanoliters per minute with 24/7 automation.  Additionally, a ThermoScientific Accela 600 HPLC can also be coupled with the OrbiTrap “Classic” to perform chromatographic separations at 100 microliter per minute to 1000 microliter pre minute flowrates.

Recommended Uses: This system is used for identifying proteins from simple mixtures, and it is ideal for high mass accuracy measurements of peptides and small molecules.  When configured with the Accela 600, the system is used for high throughput analyzes of phospholipid classes.