Gel and Blot Imaging

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GE Typhoon Trio

Instrument type: Multimode scientific scanner for fluorescence, chemiluminescence and radioactivity (phorphorimager) detection.

General info: The Typhoon Trio is a versatile instrument for the imaging of radioactive samples using Phosphor screen technology, as well as fluorescence imaging of green, red, and far red dyes. Imaging of chemiluminescent samples possible. The instrument can scan gels, blots, multi-well plates, and various other sample formats, at resolutions down to 25 microns.

Images can be analyzed and quantitated with ImageQuant TL, or with the public domain ImageJ software package (see Data Analysis). A multi-user ImageQuant TL license is available for off-line data analysis.The instrument includes 488, 532 and 640 nm lasers for fluorescence imaging. Phosphor screens and cassettes for the imaging of radioactive samples are available. Special screens for Tritium imaging available upon request.

Recommended Uses: Imaging and quantitation of radioactivity, Fluorescence, and chemiluminescence; Phosphorimager; Fluorescence detection; Gel and blot imaging; Alternative to fluorescence plate reader; DNA gels; Western blots; Southern blots.

Li-Cor Odyssey NIR Scanner

Instrument type: Scientific fluorescence scanner for gel and blot imaging.

General info: The Li-Cor Odyssey system is a sensitive far red/near infrared two-color fluorescence scanner for the imaging and quantitation of gels, blots, 96-well plates and a variety of other applications, including tissues and whole animals.

The instrument has two detection channels at 680 nm and 800 nm, and is especially well-suited for two-color Western blot assays, where it provides a convenient, economic, sensitive, and more quantitative alternative to chemiluminescence.

Data analysis can be performed with Odyssey software or with public domain software such as ImageJ (see Data Analysis)

Recommended Uses: Western blot analysis; InCell Westerns, Protein and DNA detection in blots and gels. Whole tissue and small animal fluorescence analysis.

Instrument Specifications: The instrument has two detection channels at 680 and 800 nm. Suitable fluorescent dyes include Cy5.5 (not ideal), Alexa 680, Alexa 700, IRDye 680 , and IRDye 700 for the 680 nm channel, Alexa 790, IRDye 800, and similar for the 800 nm channel.