Bio Xp system

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The BioXp™ 3200 System is a personal genomic workstation providing rapid, high quality linear double stranded DNA fragments and clones from your custom designed reagents built on the deck hands-free in an overnight run. BioXp™ custom reagents are delivered to you within 3-5 business days providing quick access to your custom-built products within a week vs 2+ weeks if sent out, giving you control over your testing needs. This unique process uses Gibson Assembly, includes error correction to improve sequence fidelity and DNA purification ensuring that BioXp™ products are ready for various downstream applications.

How BioXP Works

Building your genes and clones on the BioXp™ system begins with ordering your sequences online through the SGI secure website. The BioXp™ system reagents are custom built for your order in the La Jolla facility. SGI-DNA sources the oligos based on your sequences, pool them with our Gibson reagents w-Error Correction, as well as anything else needed to generate linear dsDNA into your custom reagent plate. This is delivered within 3-5 days, you load the reagent plate, tips, etc on the BioXP (10-15” hands on). You can load reagent plate that day and have dsDNA fragments or clones the next morning (total time from order to clones, 4-5 days).

Vectors: You can clone into 1-4 vectors in same run (standard or custom)

Throughput: 1-32 samples overnight

Turn-around time to generate libraries is 5 days vs 10-30 days in a service lab, plus the cost is 30-50% less vs a service lab.