Aperio Scanscope FL

Location: Thomas Building, DE-360
Contact phone: (206) 667-6166
Contact fax: (206) 667-6845
Contact e-mail: exphisto@fredhutch.org

Aperio FL ScanscopeThe Aperio Scanscope FL is a fluorescent scan system for converting glass slides to digital slide files.



Specifications are as follows:

  • Slide Loading: Five fluorescent 1" x 3" slides
  • Objective: 20x/0.75 PlanSApo
  • Image Capture Magnification: 20x or 40x (20x with 2x magnification changer)
  • Resolution: 20x: 0.468 µm/pixel or 40x: 0.234 µm/pixel
  • Image Compression: JPG2000
  • Image File Formats: TIFF, SVS, and JP2 (using JPEG2000 compression)
  • Camera: 8/10-bit monochrome TDI line-image capture camera
  • Light Source: Mercury, PC-controlled, 2000+ hours
  • Filter Configuration: 6-position motorized excitation filter wheel; 6-position motorized filter cube turret;
    • Quad multi-band filter set (Pinkel configuration);
    • Other filter options available including DAPI/Alexa 350,FITC/Alexa 488, Cy3, Tritc/Alexa 568, mCherry, TxRed/Alexa 594, Alexa 633, Cy5/Alexa 647,