Aperio Scanscope AT

Location: Thomas Building, DE-360
Contact phone: (206) 667-6166
Contact fax: (206) 667-6845
Contact e-mail: exphisto@fredhutch.org

The Aperio AT is a scanscope system for converting glass slides to digital slide images.



Specifications of the Aperio AT

  • Slide Loading: 400 bright field slides, automatic (1 x 3") or single slide
  • Objective: 20x/0.75 NA Plan Apo
  • Image Capture Magnification: 20x or 40x (20x with 2x magnification changer)
  • Resolution: 20x: 0.50 µm/pixel and 40x: 0.25 µm/pixel
  • Image Compression: JPG2000, JPG
  • Image File Formats: Standard pyramid tiled TIFF (SVS) with JPEG2000 or JPEG image compression
  • Scan Output: 24-bit color pyramid TIFF, immediately viewable