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accuWash microplate washerThe Fisher Scientific accuWash Versa is a fast., reliable and easy-to-use microplate strip washer. Because it helps minimize human error and is an excellent performer in washing, it is routinely used by Research Cell Bank for Mycoplasma detection assays and ELISAs.

The key features of the instrument are:

  • swappable wash head configuration
  • ability to use up to three different wash/buffer bottles
  • large color screen and intuitive easy-to-use built-in software
  • ability to wash 96- or 384-well plates as well as cells

If you would like more information about our Mycoplasma and ELISA services, please contact Emil Madraimov at 667-3756 or email

More information on the the plate washer can be found at the vendor's web site.


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